9 of Australia's Most Beautiful Waterfalls

Posted on 5 September 2017

Australia boasts loads of sights and attractions but most of the time Australia’s waterfalls don't get the attention they deserve. There are loads of waterfalls to see in Australia but after trekking around for what seems like forever we have finally narrowed down the list of Australia’s most beautiful waterfalls. Give them a look as there is something for everyone on this list.


1) Ebor Falls

Located in New South Wales, this cascade waterfall is located right outside of the village of Ebor and in the Guy Fawkes National Park. There are multiple lookouts to go to for viewing the falls and afterwards you can camp out at Cathedral Rock National park for the full experience.



2) Wollomombi

Wollomombi is one of the highest waterfall in New South Wales and is located in the Oxley Wild Rivers National Park with a massive 220M drop. There are loads of hikes and walks to do around the falls so make a day of it!


3) Russell Falls 

Located in Mount Field National Park in Tasmania the mesmerizing Russell Falls will always be one of Tasmania's best waterfalls. There are many accessible paved walks to get there so if you aren't good with hikes or rough terrain you can still experience this natural beauty without missing out on the natural secluded vibe.


4) Horizontal Falls

This natural phenomenon in Western Australia happens because of severe tidal movements pushing through a gorge, whether it is an actual waterfall is still up for discussion. If you want to get up close and personal with this wonder check out one of the jet boats that goes right up to them!


5) Barron Falls

You can find Barron Falls along the Barron River in Queensland, it is apart of Barron Gorge National Park and it must be caught right after a heavy rainfall as it can get very dry if there hasn't been rain. This massive tiered, cascade waterfall can be viewed up close or from the aerial tram. 


6) Mena Creek Falls

 If you head on over to the Spanish inspired Paronella Park you will find Mena Creek Falls located in Mena Creek, Queensland. You won’t feel like you’re in Australia anymore as you approach these lush falls embedded in bush.


7) Jim Jim Falls

 Located in Kakadu National Park you can find rapids, wildlife, and of course the beautiful Jim Jim Falls. Since it's located in the Northern Territory it can get very dry so it is crucial to visit during the wet season as it can completely dry up if there hasn't been enough rain.


8) Dandongadale Falls 

You can view Dandongadale Falls on your way to Lake Cobbler in the Alpine National Park and is Victorias longest waterfall. This one is hard to get to so hop on a 4x4 for a secluded waterfall experience.


9) Killen Falls

Located in Ballina, New South Wales and a mere 20 minutes from Byron Bay you can find Killen Falls. You can swim in the watering hole after a rainfall and explore the cave behind the waterfall if you’re keen on some more adventures. 


By Sylvia Spanos 





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