The Imperium Tourism Holding’s vocational internship programme is designed to showcase an appropriate level of industry knowledge. We are experts in youth adventure travel and employ over 250 savvy sales staff who thrive in the vibrant and bold retail environment we have created. With a strong online presence and four successful brands spread over 50 stores around Australia, New Zealand and SE Asia we are always looking for bright, passionate people to join our network.  Established in 1998 we re-defined our industry sector and will demonstrate this to successful applicants, whilst giving them a full professional understanding and practical hands on experience.  

If you are smart and switched on, with an engaging personality and a genuine passion for travel then we want to hear from you. With amazing travel incentives this is a vocational internship like no other, it is an exciting opportunity that could genuinely be the first steps towards a rewarding career in our great industry.  Please complete the form below and let the journey begin...

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