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Helloooo Japan. Get your fix of Japanese culture with temples, sushi and shopping in Tokyo before soaking up Kanazawa’s crazy samurai culture. Get down with your world history at Hiroshima, spy geishas in Kyoto’s Gion district and get your Tina Turner on at an Osaka karaoke bar.


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  • So many great destinations and so much free time to see them your way. All the benefits of group travel with a leader and new buddies to explore with, without having to pay for anything you don’t want to do
  • Immerse yourself in all things Japanese right from the get go in the varied neighbourhoods of Tokyo. From the geek subculture of Akihabara, historical Asakusa and Ueno, to the wild side of fashion in Harajuku and the nightlife of Roppongi – each suburb is almost like a city of its own
  • Shed your inhibitions and soak in an onsen – the traditional hot springs turned public baths
  • Rail passes are included, allowing you to zip between cities at bullet speed
  • Hiroshima Peace Park & Museum is a sobering, but vital, destination for all travellers to Japan to gain insight into tragic events of the nation’s past
  • Spot a geisha or two in the famed Gion District or get zen in a temple garden in Kyoto
  • Live your samurai fantasies in feudal-era Kanazawa. We’ve heard there is also excellent sake to be sampled here and plenty else
  • You can’t leave Japan without having a night out at a karaoke bar. Trust us, they will check at immigration


  • Transport
  • Accommodation
  • Guide
  • Entry fees
  • Included activities

Day 1 : Tokyo

Konnichiwa! Welcome to Japan. As travellers are arriving from all over the world, there are no activities planned for day 1. The group meeting will take place at 6pm this evening. To introduce you to Tokyo at night your leader will take you for walk around the famous Shinjuku area and the group can choose the place for their first dinner together. Tokyo is a dynamic, modern hub, the thriving capital of an ancient land. Contradictions are everywhere, as hi-tech gadgetry and neon lights play an integral part in the lives of a population steeped in tradition. If two days in Tokyo isn’t enough, you can book additional accommodation with our team or your booking agent so you can arrive early and tick all the sights off your bucket list. Please remember that there are many options for travellers to choose from on this tour to make the most of all your free time. While we have quoted the approximate cost of some of the most popular activities throughout, these do not include costs of getting to or from sights. Public transport in Japan is economical, efficient and not only a great way to get around, it's the best way to go local! This itinerary is far from a hand-holding, all inclusive trip, so enjoy the freedom and indulge in some raw fish! Optional Activities Tokyo - Shinjuku Garden - JPY200 Tokyo - Ghibli Animation Studio (advance bookings required) - JPY1000 Tokyo - Sensoji Temple - Free Tokyo - Imperial Palace - Free Tokyo - Disneyland or Disney Sea - JPY6400 Tokyo - Robot Cafe - JPY9000 Tokyo - Gotokuji Cat Temple - Free Tokyo - Tokyo Tower Observatory - JPY900 Tokyo - A Tour Through Tokyo’s Kitchen (with World's Largest Fish Market) Urban Adventure - JPY7890 Tokyo - Kanpai Tokyo: Shinjuku Drinks and Neon Nights Urban Adventure - JPY9090 Tokyo - Made In Japan Shopping Tour: Cultural Curiosities Urban Adventure - JPY6564 Tokyo - Tokyo After 5 Urban Adventure - JPY11870 Tokyo - Tsukiji Outer Market - Free Tokyo - Wholesale Fish Market (relocated to Toyosu) - Free Meals Included There are no meals included on this day. 

Meals :None


Day 2 : Tokyo

In the morning, head out exploring with your group leader in Shibuya area. Look down on one of the busiest intersections in the world at Shibuya station and visit the statue of Hachikō the famous loyal dog. Next we indulge our eyes if not our bellies visiting a depachika food halls where vendors sell everything from bento boxes for lunch to formal gifts and everyday groceries. Grab a picnic lunch (optional) as we are heading to Yoyogi Park, home to many events from the first Japan Olympics. Afterwards we visit Meiji Jingu Shrine. Enter via a massive Torii (gate) and the sights and sounds of the busy city are replaced by a tranquil forest. We continue our journey with a visit to Harajuku the home of quirky youth pop culture. . The rest of the day is free for you to explore. If you are a lover of cats visit the Gotokuji Cat Temple! Maneki Neko (the beckoning cat) are known for good luck and prosperity not only in Japan but all across Asia. Perhaps re-visit your childhood with a magical day spent at Tokyo Disney or Disney Sea theme parks (tickets can be bought at JR ticket counters, convenience stores, online). Or perhaps get the group together for the final night in Tokyo and experience the Robot Cafe in Shinjuku! You can catch a 3 hour show full of neon lights, lasers, robotics, video screens and dancers. Included Activities Tokyo - Shibuya walking tour Tokyo - Yoyogi Park Meals Included There are no meals included on this day.

Meals :None


Day 3 : Kanazawa

This morning we travel by train to the city of Kanazawa. This city is best known for Kenroku-en, a 17th-century castle and gardens. Kanazawa is also known for being the home of samurai, it boasts beautifully preserved samurai and geisha districts, historic temples and awesome markets you can shop and eat your way around. After checking into our hotel perhaps go and explore Kenroku-en Gardens and Castle. The castle is free to enter however the gardens have an entry fee of 310JPY. A bus pass for the day in Kanazawa will cost you approximately 500JPY. Tonight is a free evening for you to explore the streets and indulge in Kanazawa's izakaya and sushi. Accommodation Hotel/Ryokan (1 night) Optional Activities Kanazawa - Kenroku-en Gardens & Castle - JPY310 Kanazawa - Oyama Shrine - Free Kanazawa - Omicho Market - Free Kanazawa - 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art - JPY1000 Kanazawa - Nagamachi Samurai District (excl. museums entry) - Free Meals Included There are no meals included on this day.

Meals :None


Day 4 : Kanazawa

Explore Kanazawa by foot on a walking tour of the Higashi Chaya district. Get lost among the Geisha in the alleyways and admire the traditional Chaya houses, known locally as places of tradition, feasts and entertainment. Enjoy a traditional tea ceremony at one of the local tea houses, if tea's your thing, and then the afternoon is free for you to explore on your own. Everything is super accessible in Japan so you'll do a fair bit of walking, so be sure to pack a comfy pair of shoes to get around in. Accommodation Hotel/Ryokan (1 night) Included Activities Kanazawa - Higashi Chaya District walking tour Meals Included There are no meals included on this day.

Meals :None


Day 5 : Kyoto

Kyoto was once the imperial capital of Japan and is one of the most beautiful cities in the country. With over 2000 temples, shrines and gardens, Kyoto is a great place to get lost in - so get out, walk the streets and soak up the wonderful atmosphere in your free time. A bus pass for the day will cost approximately 500JPY. Perhaps visit the magnificent, gold-plated Kinkaku-ji Temple, or maybe Nijo Castle and, if you like, join your leader on a walk through the famous Gion Giesha district. With its many old teahouses, some of them mentioned in Memoirs of a Geisha. We can observe the age-old tradition of immaculate Geisha girls visiting members of the wealthy elite in small teahouses tucked away down tiny back streets. If you are keen to visit Himeji Castle, today would be a great day to go. It's both a national treasure and a World Heritage site, and your leader can assist you with directions and tips on getting there. Included Activities Kyoto - Gion District walk Meals Included There are no meals included on this day. 

Meals :None


Day 6 : Kyoto

Join your leader this morning for a walk in the wooded hills of Inari Mountain, famous for its Shinto 'fox temple' and atmospheric red torii gates, a quintessential Japan sight and must-see for keen photographers. There's lots to do in this city so get up early and make the most of it. The afternoon is free for you to explore and your leader can give you recommendations on what to see and how to get there. It's your last night in Kyoto, so make sure you do your last-minute shopping or, in true Japanese tradition, hit the karaoke bar and show off your impressive pipes. Included Activities Kyoto - Fushimi Inari Shrine Optional Activities Kyoto - Imperial Palace - Free Kyoto - Kiyomizu Temple - JPY500 Kyoto - Kimono/Maiko/Samurai Dress Up - JPY10000 Kyoto - Arashiyama Monkey Park - JPY550 Kyoto - Arashiyama (Bamboo Forest) - Free Kyoto - Kaiten Sushi Train at Kura Sushi - JPY2000 Kyoto - Kinkakuji Temple - JPY500 Meals Included There are no meals included on this day.

Meals :None


Day 7 : Hiroshima

Hiroshima is a bustling metropolis with a tragic history, approximately two hours on the train from Kyoto. Once here, your leader will take you to visit Peace Park and the ruins of the A-Bomb Dome building in the evening, one of 11 structures left partially standing as a reminder of the destruction of nuclear war following the nuclear bomb blast on 6 August 1945. The Peace Park contains monuments and a museum dedicated to Hiroshima and international peace, but please note that while entry to the Peace Park is free, the museum does charge admission. Accommodation Hotel/Ryokan (1 night) Included Activities Hiroshima - Peace Park & A - Bomb Dome Optional Activities Hiroshima - Peace Museum - JPY200 Meals Included There are no meals included on this day. 

Meals :None


Day 8 : Hiroshima

Perhaps spend the day at the nearby island of Miyajima with its famous 'floating' Torii Gate and the grand Itsukushima-jinja Shrine. Be sure to watch out for inquisitive and eternally hungry deer that roam the streets of the island. Accommodation Hotel/Ryokan (1 night) Optional Activities Miyajima - Itsukushima Shrine - JPY300 Hiroshima - Miyajima Island - JPY320 Meals Included There are no meals included on this day. 

Meals :None


Day 9 : Osaka

Travel by train to Osaka, what better way to finish our trip than in a city with the motto 'kuidaore' (translation: 'eat until you drop'!). We recommend you try Osaka’s okonomiyaki (a delicious savoury pancake) which Osaka is renowned for! Osaka is Japan's unofficial culinary capital, with sprawling shopping hubs and tiny backstreets overflowing with restaurants and bars serving up local delicacies as well as Japan's answer to fast food. Notably, Osaka is credited with the first kaiten-zushi (conveyor belt sushi) restaurants, after its inventor - the owner of a sushi restaurant with staffing issues - watched beer bottles on a conveyor belt at the nearby Asahi brewery and thought it might be a good way to solve this problem! Visit Osaka Castle and enjoy a walking tour around the popular Dotombori district which is a popular shopping, food and entertainment district of the city. At night it is lit by hundreds of neon lights and mechanical signs, including the famous Glico Running Man sign and Kani Doraku crab sign. Thrill seekers are sure to find adventure at Universal Studios theme park and for those of you wanting to try your hand at a local skill, try a taiko drum lesson or, if you’re feeling like a little relaxation, indulge yourself at Spa World, and try a traditional Japanese Onsen. Embrace the nakedness. If shopping is your cup of tea, take in some of the city's landmarks, including the wonderful Kuromon covered market and pick up some final kitchen gadgets (or plastic food!) at the quirky Dogusuji Arcade. Included Activities Osaka - Dotombori District walking tour Optional Activities Osaka - Osaka Castle - JPY600 Osaka - Universal Studios (Day Pass) - JPY7200 Osaka - Dogusuji Arcade - Free Osaka - Spa World - JPY2700 Meals Included There are no meals included on this day. 

Meals :None


Day 10 : Osaka

There are no activities planned for Day 10 and you are able to depart the hotel at any time. Check out time is 10 am and if you are departing later, you can arrange luggage storage at the hotel. We recommend extending your stay in Osaka as there is much to do and see! Meals Included There are no meals included on this day.

Meals :None


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Khaosan World Asakusa Ryokan & Hotel - Welcome Meeeting at 6pm Day 1
3-15-1 Nishi-Asakusa, Taito-ku, 東京都台東区西浅草3-15-1
Phone: +81 338430153

Joining point instructions

Japan has a very efficient public transport service and there are many ways to get from the two airports in the Tokyo region (Narita Airport or Haneda Airport) to your hotel. Unfortunately, we are not able to provide arrival transfer service for this hotel at the moment.

When you make your own way to the hotel from Narita, there are various connections either by express train or limousine bus to central Tokyo and then by local train, subway or taxi to the Khaosan World Asakusa Ryokan & Hostel, which is located in Asakusa near Ueno. The hotel recommends the Limousine bus service from Narita to the "Asakusa View Hotel" stop, right next to Khaosan World (approx. JPY2,800 and 130 mins), slightly more expensive than the train but direct. If you're travelling from Haneda Airport, there is also a direct Limousine bus service to the "Asakusa View Hotel" for approx. JPY930 and 80 mins.
Please check the transport details on the hotel's website: https://world.khaosan-tokyo.com/en-us/access/
The airport information desks are also very helpful, particularly if you're arriving late at night. If you're having any problems finding the hotel, ring the hotel directly (you can use one of Japan's green public phones with coins of JPY10 or JPY100).


Money for meals, as they are not included.

Money for optional extras (see itinerary for ideas)


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