How we helped organise Geordie Shore's Australia visit

Posted on 15 June 2018

We're fans of Geordie Shore. There, we said it. The wild nights, the banta, the drama, it all reminds us of our very own experience backing the East Coast of Australia. So when we were approached by the production team of Geordie Shore to help plan some of their Australia activities, we were more than excited. 


Geordie Shore wanted to partner with us to help plan the cast's activities in Byron Bay and the Gold Coast, where they were going to be based. And being Australia's number 1 adventure travel agency, we were perfectly suited to the job.

So what activities did they want to do?

Well, as you may have seen on the latest episodes of Geordie Shore, they cast has been very busy in Australia. They've done everything from skydiving, to club promoting. But what has really been a highlight over the last few episodes, has been the trip to Byron Bay. It's caused drama, its caused mayhem, and did you see the JELLY WRESTLING?!


The cast wanted a hippie van for their little Byron Bay getaway, and that's exactly what we organised for them. Our friends over at Wicked Campers were our number 1 pick for outrageous camper vans, and they were kind enough to let us use the famous "Foxy Lady" for the duration of Geordie Shore's time in Byron Bay.

 Geordie Shore's time in Byron Bay

Image credit: MTV 

Besides the stunningly beautiful camper van, we also helped facilitate many of the night's out around Byron, including the jelly wrestling night at Aquarius Hostel, the paint party at Cheeky Monkey's, and a stay in the Big Teepee at Nomads Art Factory.

ig Teepee at Nomads Art Factory

Big Teepee at Nomads Art Factory

Fun Fact: Not everything that gets filmed ends up in an actual episode. The producers asked for a whole a variety of activities in Byron Bay, which we gladly helped them arrange.

  • Tie-dye workshops.
  • Astrology readings.
  • Sex tarot card interpreting.
  • Dolphin kayaking.

You get the idea. 

If you're a fan of the Geordie's (like we are) then you would've seen snippets of these activities in the recently episodes of season 17. And we are proud to have played a part in making that reality TV magic happen.

Who knows, maybe we'll be helping coordinate the next seasons activities of The Bachelor, or Ex On The Sex.

Stay tuned to find out.

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