5 Reasons Why Flinders Ranges Should Be Your Next Roadtrip

Posted on 17 October 2018


 1.  You can experience the feeling of driving on Mars

There really is no better way to discover the region than by 4WD. Driving the cliffs and deep craters gives you an experience you will never forget, and a sensation many compare to “what driving on Mars would feel like”. You can either opt for a guided tour to make sure you won’t get lost or hire a car and go for it! 


2. You’ll experience the home of amazing lookouts

With an area this big (Ikara-Flinders Ranges National Park is over 90,000 hectares alone!), it goes without saying there must be some amazing hikes. Wilpena Pound is the jewel in the crown - a giant natural amphitheatre formed over millions of years through erosion – and offers a challenging trek up St Mary’s Peak (almost 1200m high). For the less avid climbers, there are trails meandering throughout the park and region. Alternatively take in the breathtaking views from Stokes Hill or Razorback Lookout, both accessible by car.


3. Why drive if you can fly 
Scenic flights are an awesome option for incredible photo opportunities. The longer the flight, the more you get to see. Just sit back and enjoy the view.


 4. You can explore animals, by animals 
One of the greatest things about the Flinders Ranges is the wildlife. The oldest evidence for animal life was actually found here, fossilized. Now, it is the home of for an abundance of Australian wildlife including kangaroos (the icon of Australia), emu, wedge-tailed eagles and the rare yellow-footed rock-wallaby. 

The Wilpena Pound campground is a great place to see animals, where many animals choose to take a break in the heat of the day, lucky for you! If you’re after an animal experience of a different kind, why not take a camel tour?


5. You’ll actually learn something 
Flinders Ranges carries a lot of history. It is the home of the Adnyamathanha people and their connection to the land stretches back for tens of thousands of years. An Aboriginal cultural walk will give you an incredible insight to the cultural history of the land. Admire rock painting in the morning light that are years and years old at Arkaroo Rock or Perawurtina cultural heritage sites