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7 Things Only People Who've Travelled In A Campervan Will Know

Posted on 23 January 2019


Author: Riwka Mevissen


There are some things only people who traveled a while in a campervan will recognize. We made a list of those recognizable moments and memories. Getting smelly, finding ways to fit your luggage in the campervan and building a special relationship with your campervan are all part of those special moments.

1) Hygiene

You will do your best to keep the campervan clean but at a certain point, everything will start to smell. Your quilt and pillows will start to smell funny. A simple shower will feel as if you’re in a five-star hotel and changing clothes will feel as heaven. However, it’s only for a little while so you won’t care that much about what people think about your funny smell. 

2) Solving puzzles

It is so cozy to sleep in a Spaceship campervan. You will find solutions to hide dirty laundry and find your own special way of putting groceries away. Tall people will have their feet stick out of the campervan but it’s all part of the van life. Campervan life will teach you to be a minimalist.

3) Big trucks 

A lot of free camp spots are rest places for big trucks. Many of them will leave their engine running for a few hours to take a speed nap and continue their trip. You will start to find tricks to avoid standing next to loud trucks and get a good night’s sleep. Sleeping for free is a sport only budget travelers will understand.

4) Traveling stereotypes

Along the way, you will find so many stereotypes of travelers. Surfer dudes, vegetarians (with dreadlocks, puffy pants and a ukulele) and other stereotypes will make your trip one hell of an experience!

5) Hidden gems

Traveling by campervan will get you to hidden and non-touristic places. Only the curious will find that hidden waterfall, beach or outback town. Make sure to turn left where everyone goes right.

6) Wildlife: Roo’s

The first time you spot a (living) kangaroo somewhere in a field next to the road is amazing. But once you start counting dead ones it might get a bid sadistic. Be careful when driving late in the evening or very early in the morning since they love crossing roads around those times.

7) A special connection with your campervan and other Spaceships campervans

Every Spaceships Campervan has its own name and you will start to talk to your van after a while. You will also start pointing at all the other campervans. It’s fun to wave to your road mates and have easy conversation when camping next to another Spaceships campervans. 


Do you want to explore Australia by campervan and experience all that is mentioned above? Chat with us one of our Aussie travel experts so we can provide you with all the information you need to have an amazing trip!

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