8 Reasons why you should travel alone

Posted on 8 December 2017


Ever just feel lost? Like you don't know what to do or where to go next? Maybe you have been working a job that's just okay but doesn't ignite some sort of spark in you or maybe you are already working your dream job but lack general life experience. The great thing about travel is that there is something for everybody at any walk of life. Happy? Travel to celebrate. Sad? Travel to sort things out.

Travelling alone gets you out of your comfort zone in a way nothing else can, when you go with friends or a group you are bringing a little piece of that comfort zone with you. If something goes wrong you have a helping hand to figure things out, if you get sad and lonely you have a shoulder to cry on but what if it was just you. Just you, alone figuring things out, picking yourself up, and persevering on because that is your only option. I know it sounds wildly intimidating but there is something that changes within you once you know you can pick yourself up when you’re down or figure things out no matter how much you are struggling. Its time to change things up! Here are 8 reasons why you should consider travelling alone!




It's crazy how many people nowadays feel like they are lacking excitement in their daily life. Life is meant to be fun and if you aren't have fun then what are you doing? Everyone deserves something that pulls them out of bed every morning, something to look forward to, and a sense of mystery that keeps you going all day. Solo travel is constantly exciting because you never know what is coming next. Whether it's the canyoning trip into the waterfalls you are about to embark on or the new friends you are going to meet around the campfire afterwards, you are always on the verge of discovering something new, fresh, and exciting.  


New Friends


When you travel alone you are forced to talk and interact with more people than you normally would making it a great reason to travel alone. You instantly become more open because it really is the only option and sometimes you just need that social interaction. The great thing about making friends while traveling is that it happens so fast because you know your time together is short, that can also be the worst part. The bond between travellers is a special one you can only know until you’ve experienced it first hand. You could know each other for only a few days but somehow create a friendship that lasts a lifetime. 




When it’s just you alone, there are more chances for you to get perks throughout your trip. Maybe an upgrade on a room, or you get to talking with your tour guide who agrees to show you around the city later. When you are alone you can go at a moment notice, you don't take up too much space, and you make people curious, they want to know what you are doing and how you got there all alone. Take advantage of your single status and work your magic while you have no one around you to cramp your style. 




Independence can be found and developed over time and within any situation or experience, the only common theme is solitude. Independence can only be found by learning to be alone making travelling alone quite reasonable. The smallest things like managing your own finances to learning to cook can create a solid foundation within yourself. When you are travelling alone suddenly everything is thrown at you, you are arranging all of your transportation, accommodation, and activities and the only option is to keep on moving. 




This one is really hard to explain why or how it comes but it comes. There is something so empowering about being alone and learning to enjoy your own company. When looking to the future whether you want a family, or a full on career, or both it is so important to never loose your confidence and to always trust your process. 


Self Discovery


Anyone here truly know themselves? Its such a bold statement for anyone to say they are fully “self actualised” but isn't it the goal we’re all after? We all want happiness and to feel like we have some sense of direction. Taking time alone where you are truly alone, just you and your thoughts, for an extended period of time rips you out of that comfort zone and forces you to confront issues you never even knew you had. Growing up in a global age you not only have your parents and guardians telling you who to be but you also have the media, your peers, and randoms on the internet telling you what your life should look like. Once you get out of your normal habitat you are able to see things through a different perspective, this can show you how you want to live your life and it reveals what really matters to you and only you. maybe one of the better reasons why you should start travelling alone.




At the end of this crazy journey of adventure and self discovery you find contentment, after completing a goal all by yourself, after it all finally comes together, you reach a peaceful state where everything becomes a little clearer. The ups and downs of solo travel shape you, give you stories to tell and lessons to pass on. When you open your mind and broaden your understanding of the world it helps you to be thankful for all the great things and experiences you’ve had.


The fact that solo travel is talked about so much all over social media and blogs may make it seem a little overrated. The thing about solo travel is that it is completely different for each and every person. You could be 18 or you could 45 and still meet up during your journey and have things in common. Everyone deserves happiness and to feel like they belong and usually that requires sitting down with yourself and figuring out what really matters to you. If the thought of doing anything alone seems crazy, start small. It is so easy to take a day trip out to a different town to treat yourself to lunch. Sometimes the hardest part is just booking that plane ticket.


By Sylvia Spanos