8 Things You Should Know Before Travelling Asia

Posted on 15 June 2018

1. Underpack, you'll want to buy everything


Before you pack there is a thing that you should know, Asia has so many shopping opportunities! We've visited some incredible markets, and found so many things that are either totally unique to the place we’re in, or that are only a fraction of the price that they would be at home. We’ve had to throw so much out along the way to make room. Make sure you aren’t heading to Asia with your backpack or suitcase only just shutting; we guarantee you’ll regret it! Oh, and fine-tune your haggling skills, ready for the markets.

 Underpack, you'll want to buy everything

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2. Stay Flexible – Keep Your Options Open


It’s great to plan your travels, and we came away with an idea of where we wanted to go, and in which order – but since coming away this has changed quite a lot.

We’ve also often stressed ourselves out trying to plan travel from one part of a country to another before we had got there, not being able to find anything online. However once we arrive we’ve always found that there was no need to plan ahead at all, as it’s been so easy to just to book it there.

You may change your mind on what you want to do when you’re travelling, especially if you make new friends, the weather changes, or transport fails you. Allow room for flexibility, its all part of the fun.

Stay Flexible – Keep Your Options Open

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3. Don’t Let Being Afraid of Something Put You Off


Another thing you should know, trying new things can be scary, but it often leads to some of the most amazing experiences! Some of our favourites have been enrolling in surf school, and sunrise mountain treks. We were definitely slightly afraid to do them, and they were hard work – but so rewarding!

Don’t Let Being Afraid of Something Put You Off

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4. Staying hydrated can be a lot harder than you think


In some of these climates, especially when you’ve been active or drinking alcohol, drinking water alone isn’t going to be enough to rehydrate you. Before we realized this, we often found ourselves feeling super tired, run down and achy for days or weeks at a time without knowing why. Now, rehydration sachets and fresh coconuts are a big part of our lives and we’re so much better for it. A thing you should know if you want to stay hydrated in hectic Asia. 

 Staying hydrated can be a lot harder than you think

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 5. Carry your own power where possible


Throughout Asia you will experience blackouts which can last hours, and power sockets which charge things a lot slower than in Western countries. One of the best things we’ve bought travelling was our power bank! It holds enough to fully charge our phones and GoPro multiple times, and means we aren’t reliant on staying in our room to do so. Our torch also comes in pretty handy when there is a power cut too.

Carry your own power where possible

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6. Research The Weather


This one seems pretty obvious, and we did research the weather before our trip – however, we underestimated how much weather changes throughout different parts of countries. For example, before visiting the Philippines we looked into the best time to visit – and when we arrived found out that different islands have completely different wet and dry seasons (whoops). It’s definitely best to check thoroughly when planning.

Research The Weather

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7. Document Your Days


Our first month travelling India, we have only a few photos and barely any videos, when we arrived in Sri Lanka we bought a new camera and shortly after decided to set up our travel blog and Instagram. Since doing this we love how much more we’ve documented our travels – looking back on India, it sucks how little we have to remember our time there and, whereas other places we have so many pictures that we love and it reminds us of fun things we might have otherwise forgotten. Obviously, not everyone is into taking loads of photos or videos – some people prefer to keep a travel journal, which works just as well. However you want to do it, in the future, you’ll really cherish looking back at those memories. It is definitely a thing that I wish someone had told me before our start of travelling Asia! 

Document Your Days

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8. It Will Be The Best Time Of Your Life


Although we knew it would be amazing before we left, travelling Asia exceeded all of our expectations! Every penny you save will be worth it (we wish we’d cut back and saved more), make the most of it because you won’t want it to end. 

It Will Be The Best Time Of Your Life

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