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A Backpacker's Guide: Things To Do In Byron Bay

Posted on 7 December 2017


Byron Bay truly lives the motto 'Cheer up, Slow Down, Chill Out'. Surf, swim and unwind with the relaxed vibes on the beaches before partying at one of the local institutions after the sun sets. 


What’s the weather like?


Things to Do in Byron Bay

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As subtropical as it gets with hot stormy summers and cool dry winters the weather never disappoints. Average temperatures range from 19°C in winter to 27ºC in summer.  


Cheap Eats


Orgasmic Food

Orgasmic Food Byron Bay

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If you’re looking for cheap eats, or just something to soak up the alcohol from your day drinking, then have you can’t go past the to die for falafels at Orgasmic Food Byron Bay. Located halfway along Byron’s Bay Lane, a hub for good food, Orgasmic Food pumps out fantastic falafels 7 days a week. It’s called Orgasmic food for good reason, their amazingly tasty falafel balls are a big hit with young and old and can often be found given out for free at the end of Bay lane, you can’t beat that.


Get Toasted


Get Toasted

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There’s something magical about the simple toastie. Whoever decided to invent this flattened toast sandwich should be awarded a gold medal. It’s a food perfect for any occasion. Breakfast, lunch or dinner. Drunk, hungover or sober. Whenever you need to eat, a toastie is there to help. Get Toasted continues this proud history of various ingredients pressed in-between two slices of cheese sealed bread with some damn fine toasties. They’ve got awesome options for every meal of the day as well as coffee if you’re looking to offset that hangover. So why not check it out and enjoy this classic snack done right.


Cheeky Monkeys


Cheeky Monkeys

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Cheeky Monkeys is known as one of the main places to party if you’re in Byron. But if you’re looking for a feed before you get completely sloshed then why not try Cheeky Monkeys. Cheeky Monkeys has the standard pub fare for pretty good value. If you’re staying at any hostel or campground in Byron, you even get $5 off. So why not check out Cheekys for a meal, you’ll probably be there later anyway so what’s the harm in showing up early?


Places to Party


Cheeky Monkeys


Places to Party - Cheeky Monkeys

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Once you’ve finished your food at Cheeky Monkeys it’s time to get, well, cheeky. Cheeky Monkeys markets themselves as Australia’s number one party bar, and oh do they know how to party. DJ’s pumping tunes every night of the week, people getting their dance on and everyone getting wild. Every Friday is a glow paint party where the place lights up with UV paint. If you’re in Byron, head to Cheekys and keep the party going all night long.


Woody’s Surf Shack


Woodys Surf Shack

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If you’re after less of a club vibe then Woody’s Surf Shack is the place to be. They’ve got live music, a pool table and drink specials almost every night all while being open until 3am. If you’re thinking of heading to Woody’s try make it a mid week party on Wednesday. Every Wednesday they do a surfboard giveaway so you can hit the awesome Byron waves the next day and surf up a storm.


The Northern


The Northern

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The Northern is more than just a small bar made for beer and sports. If you venture further they’ve got a big stage that hosts live bands most nights of the week. They’ve also got a great open balcony where you can chill out and just have a great time. If you’re looking for some live local music in a fun atmosphere, The Northern is the place to be.


The Last Wave

Byron is probably one of the best places to head if you’re looking for some great vibes near one of Australia's best beaches. From chilled out atmospheres to endless parties all with great food to tie it all together, Byron is easily one of Australia’s most fun, laid back cities.

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