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A Backpacker's Guide To Melbourne

Posted on 24 June 2016

Anyone who knows Melbourne would say that it is arguably the best city in the country. Despite what the Sydneysider's will tell you about it's coffee snobs and cold winters, look a little further and you'll find Melbourne is a diverse city, alive with street art, a thriving food scene, cool bars and some of the cutest wildlife in Australia just down the road. 

Where to Eat:

The folk at Asian Beer Cafe in city central have got you covered for all those cheap eats, you can chase it down with a cheap schooner as well. The Mill House will sort you out with a $10 bucket of fried chicken on Tuesdays or if you're trying to get away from fried chicken, Melbourne hosts some of the best vegetarian restaurants in the world, half the fun is hunting them down, there is always one close by. 


Where to Drink:

It goes without saying, Melbourne is capital of the cool bar. You'll feel a little less like a backpacker in the fresh furnishings of the Mill House but you'll be glad to know can still lock down at $7.50. You can sink a schooner with a free "Comede-Oke" show every Tuesday at the Joint Bar after happy hour at Turf Bar, $5 pints, basic spirits and house wines, say what? For a proper Melbournite experience, jump on the next train to St Kilda and feel all shiny and new with a cocktail at cushion bar.


What can I do for Free?

Take yourself for a little private tour down Union Lane and get in touch with your artsy side among some of the worlds best graffiti. After that, a brisk stroll along the boardwalk in South Bank will have you feeling brand new.


What's the Weather Like?

A mild 25°C degrees in Summer and around 14°C in Winter. Melbourne does not mess around, when it's summer, you will know. When it's winter you will know.


What are the Best Day Trips and Overnight Tours?

Do the ultimate Australian road trip and get a good dose of fresh air on the Great Ocean Road. Or, head south to Phillip Island and cry over the Penguin Parade as you make arrangements to steal one of these adorable creatures to take home (Please do not actually do this, we do not condone this at all).


Where to Next?

Well, although you are right next to one of the best international airports in the country, your time is definitely not up if you're yet to visit Sydney or Adelaide, right next door. Wine tasting and wildlife or iconic landmarks and nightlife? The choice is yours.

Ever visited Melbourne? Want to ask yourself why not then?