A Backpacker's Guide: What To Do In Perth

Posted on 21 June 2016


Relaxed outdoor lifestyles is in the heartbeat of what Perth is all about. Boasting gorgeous uncrowded beaches, unique wildlife and a city alive with culture. With so many airlines now flying into Perth to cut down on the time flying across the country (it takes 5 hours to get from Northern Australia to Melbourne), for many, Perth is the gateway to Australia. So whether you’re staying for a while, or just passing by, here’s a few of the best things to do around what used be called the world’s most isolated city.  


What is the weather like in Perth?


West Coast Holiday Packages

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In winter the weather sits around 13 degrees, with an average of 25 degrees in summer. Perth is pretty perfect with a mostly Mediterranean-style climate. It's warm and sunny here most of the year.


Cheap Eats In Perth




Cheap Eats In Perth

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Annalakshmi is probably the chillest restaurant in all of Perth. This not-for-profit vegetarian Indian restaurant is a ‘pay as you feel’ setup that is run solely by volunteers. All donations go back into the restaurant to keep it running, effectively ‘paying forward’ a meal to someone less fortunate. Annalakshmi takes its name from the Hindu goddess of abundance, Anna meaning sustenance and lakshmi meaning god (better known in the west as Mother Nature). Annalakshmi is all about feeding anyone who is hungry, even if they can’t afford it. Arun Natarajan, who runs the place said that “Annalakshmi is a place where nobody is deprived of food, and people come and eat and enjoy, and it's all offered with love.”


Alfred’s Kitchen


Roadside burger kitchen in Perth

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Alfred’s Kitchen is the longest running roadside burger kitchen in Perth. Alfred’s started cooking up burgers in 1949 and not much has changed since. They tend to keep it classic here. Bun, meat, salad, and maybe cheese, bacon or sauce. But don’t get them wrong, here simple is best and some would say Alfred’s is the best in town. They’re cheap, classic and on weekends, open until 2am making Alfred’s a great place if you’re drunk, sober or hungover.


Toastface Grillah


Toastface Grillah

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If you’re in Perth and you’ve had a big night out, Toastface Grillah is probably the best place to go to cure that hangover. Featuring great coffee and killer toasties this is probably the best hair of the dog Perth has to offer. The menu is small and the prices are low, but the constant rotation of specials always keeps it interesting. This place is so good that the man himself actually did a surprise show there in 2014.


Places to party in Perth




Places to party in Perth

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Here you’ll get exactly what you expect from a place called Mustangs. It’s a Saloon/Rockabilly bar full of sports memorabilia, wooden kegs for barstools, great U.S. diner style food, and of course, a great time. Mustangs is well loved by Perth locals and for good reason. They have a great atmosphere, really good drinks and live music almost every night. If you’re a bit strapped for cash, every Wednesday is the Backpacker and Student night offering a burger and drink all for 5 bucks. You can’t get better than that.


The Game Sports Bar


The Game Sports Bar

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Located inside the massive Aberdeen Hotel (which is great in it’s own right) The Game Sports Bar is probably the perfect place to watch the game. Which game? Anyone you like. They’ve got more screens than anyone could ever need (featuring at least 3 really big screens), as well as a solid range of beer and awesome food means you can hang out and watch just about any sport you want, any day of the week.


The cheapest thrills...the freebies in Perth.


Kings Park


Kings Park Perth

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King’s park is one of the world’s largest inner city parks. It’s also incredibly beautiful, both offering a great view of the city as well as over 400 hectares of stunning natural scenery. King’s park is also home to the Western Australian Botanic Garden hosting over 3,000 unique species of the states unique flora. They also have loads of free guided tours so you can explore the beauty of this giant park with an experienced volunteer.


Heirisson Island


Heirisson Island

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Heirisson Island is right in the middle of Perth and connected to the two foreshores by a causeway. The major tourist attraction here is the Kangaroo Sanctuary which is a great way to get close up with Australia’s national animal. Heirisson Island is also a registered Aboriginal Heritage Site. Before the development, Heirisson Island was actually several small islands surrounded by mudflats and was primarily used by the Noongar people. The Noongar name for the area is Matagarup meaning ‘leg deep’.


Explore Perth Surrounds


Margaret River


Explore Perth Surrounds

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Margaret River is a quaint town south of Perth known for its craft beer an amazing wineries. Margaret River is a must visit for both the beloved booze and stunning views. But interestingly some of the best bits of Margaret River are the oceans. The town has some of the best beaches WA has to offer. If you’re looking to learn to surf, check out Yallingup Beach. It’s a beach with calm waves that are perfect for the rookie surfer. There’s even loads of surf schools around that’ll teach you how to hang ten.


The Pinnacles


The Pinnacles

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A couple hours out of Perth lies the town of Cervantes, host to the Nambung Wildlife Park in which lies the otherworldly landscape of The Pinnacles. The Pinnacles themselves are actually made from limestone that came from an earlier era which was rich with marine life. Walking through the pinnacles makes you feel like Matt Damon from the Martian. It’s a desolate and harsh yet beautiful place. If you’ve got some time to explore outside of Perth, head to The Pinnacles for a mesmerising day.  


Rottnest Island


Rottnest Island Tours

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Whatever you do, do not leave without a cheeky day trip to Rottnest Island. Full of adorable Quokkas and incredible surroundings, you will not be disappointed. The only way to get there is by ferry, which can cost a pretty penny. Our best suggestion is to take a tour, which will get you onto the island as well as giving you a few extras such as bike hire. Make sure just to look and not touch the Quokkas. Island authorities will slap you with a $300 fine if you’re caught touching even a single one.


Where to next




Explore the Ningaloo Reef

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If you're heading north make sure to check out Exmouth to explore the Ningaloo Reef. Ningaloo Reef is a world heritage site and one of the longest fringing coral reefs in the world. It’s also one of the worlds rare locations where huge and harmless whale sharks congregate in numbers. If you take a tour, you can actually swim with the whale sharks while experiencing Ningaloo’s beautiful coral reef.

If whale sharks aren’t your thing, instead give Monkey Mia a shot. Monkey Mia actually has zero monkeys and instead is famous for its thriving population of bottlenose dolphins. While you can’t swim with the dolphins, you can feed them under supervision from a park ranger.




Southern edge of Australia between Western Australia and South Australia

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If you’re looking to head east, jump in a car and cross the Nullarbor to end up in Port Lincoln. The Nullarbor stretches across the southern edge of Australia between Western Australia and South Australia. Follow the Eyre Highway on this 6 day journey (which is totally worth it) and see the real Australian outback. If you head for Port Lincoln you’ll be rewarded by ending up in the seafood capital of Australia and the opportunity to dive with Great White Sharks.


The Long and Short of It


Perth is a great place to start to explore Australia, especially if you dread adding extra hours to your flight. With so many things to do in Perth it’s almost hard to decide where you should go. From wineries to beaches to lush nature reserves to stark beautiful deserts, it seems Perth has a little bit of everything for everyone.  


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