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Best Secret Things to Do in the Whitsundays

Posted on 11 September 2019

Best Secret Things to Do in the Whitsundays

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The Whitsundays is probably one of the most famous and most visited spots on Australia's East Coast. And for good reason. The group of 75 islands is heralded for some of the best waters, sands and tropical reefs this side of the hemisphere. Places like Magnetic Island, Whitehaven Beach and Hill Inlet, all known for their sheer beauty, pull in over 600,000 tourists per year. But what about the other 70 or so islands? What about the plethora of underrated activities across these turquoise waters? Why do they get no respect? Well today that all comes to an end. Today we’re going to give you the rundown of the best secret things to do in the Whitsundays.

Haslewood Island

Haslewood Island, Whitsundays Tours

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Right across from the insanely popular Whitehaven Beach is the much less popular Haslewood Island. If you’re looking to beat the crowds this is the place to be. Haslewood Island’s best beach, Chalkie’s Beach is one of the few places that boasts the same beautiful white sands of Whitehaven Beach, just without all the people. Haslewood Island is also home to some amazing snorkel spots featuring a treasure trove of coral and marine life. And again, don’t forget the sands. Haslewood has sand dunes for days, giving you the perfect spot to stand above the island and watch an amazing sunset.

Long Island

Long Island

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We’re not going to deny that Long Island is a fairly popular place to head in the Whitsundays, but when compared to many of the other places to go it vastly underrated. This 9km beachcombers dream is stunning, featuring the famous blue waters of the Whitsundays paired with some absolutely fantastic island greenery. With its central location and resorts that pack the full list of amenities, it also makes for a good home base to set out and explore the rest of the islands from. The best bit? It's one of the cheapest places to hang out in the Whitsundays, with it being cheaper to stay on this island paradise than a standard hotel in Sydney's CBD.

Maher Island

Maher Island

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This gem is about as hidden as they come. Maher island is part of the Lindemann Group, a popular section of the Whitsunday Islands, and is located just off of Shaw Islands most northern point. The island itself is most well known for its stunning area that has been dubbed ‘the blowhole’ which is a cave that runs from around the middle of the island across to the sea and appears to spout water when there’s a strong wind blowing. The place is often deserted and while there are a few snorkel spots around the blowhole the real winner when it comes to underwater flora and fauna is around the island itself.

Thomas Island


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If you’re looking for secluded beaches then Thomas Island is your best bet. This paradise has plenty of beaches with white sands, crystal blue waters and plenty of shade. The premier beach on the island is Naked Lady Beach, which features a count of zero naked ladies. In fact, it often has a count of zero people at all as almost nobody comes here! And if someone does happen to invade your space, just move down the beach. You’re always guaranteed to have your own patch of sand. So sit back, relax and make yourself comfy in your own slice of paradise. 

Meet Crocodiles at Proserpine River

Meet Crocodiles at Proserpine River in Whitsundays

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There’s more to the Whitsundays than just tropical islands. If you stay on the mainland head across to Proserpine River for a crocodile safari. Jump on a boat and cruise through the mangroves that exit out into the Whitsundays and spot living dinosaurs in their natural habitat. There’s about 150 saltwater crocodiles (or “salties”) that inhabit the river and its surrounds and seeing them in their natural habitat is a rare experience. While you’re in the mangroves you’ll also see plenty of other natural wildlife as well as plenty of indigenous plant life that make these mangroves their home.

Snorkel Frankland Islands

Snorkel Frankland Islands

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When heading out to the Great Barrier Reef the most popular place to go for a swim and see the wildlife is always in the middle of the ocean. Be it off of a barge, boat or thing that floats almost every dive to find Nemo is right in the middle of the ocean blue. But head to the Frankland Islands and everything changes. This group of deserted islands hosts one of the best underwater worlds in the Great Barrier Reef. Featuring marine life like hard and soft coral, giant sea turtles, manta rays, clownfish (you’ll definitely find Nemo here), parrotfish and more! Once you’re done under the sea the island itself it there to explore, with rocky outcrops, coastal beaches, and lush vegetation as well as plenty of birdlife that make these islands home.



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