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Byron Bay Nightlife: Best Bars And Clubs In Byron Bay

Posted on 29 November 2018

 “Everybody wants to live in Byron” was the first thing my friend said to me when I told him where I was going to live for the next three months. Byron has this unique vibe everybody talks about. People from all over the world come here to visit, only to never leave again. Since I’ve lived here a long time now, I get it. The Byron vibes are relaxed, cosy and kind. You feel welcome the day you arrive and will be loved during your stay. It doesn’t matter who you are or where you come from, Byron will receive you with open arms and make you part of the family right away. So yes, everybody loves Byron.

As well as during the day, Byron’s nightlife has something for everybody. To make sure you will have a epic night out, I made a list of the bars and clubs in Byron with a bit info. Since Byron is not so big I’ll just start at the begin of Jonsonstreet and end at the beach.


1. Cheeky Monkey’s 115 Jonson Street


Cheeky Monkey’s 115 Jonson Street

Image thanks to Pinterest

You could start the night by having a nice meal at this bar in Byron. They have great burgers and steaks. If you are staying in a hostel in Byron you even get a $5 discount on your dinner, how nice is that! In Cheeky Monky's the real party party is going on. They have all kinds of themed parties and drink promotions during the week!

Definitely, after you visit Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary:


2. The Brewery  1 Skinners Shoot Rd


The Brewery 1 Skinners Shoot Rd

Image thanks to TripAdvisor

At The Brewery you will find tons of parties during the week. The parties go from good old fashion fun to hardcore dance and techno. Most of the time you’ll have to buy a ticket up front, but sometimes tickets are sold at the door. The Brewery plays music inside and outside, so you can party come rain or shine. The Brewery wouldn’t be called The Brewery if they didn’t brew their own beer of course! They serve a range of their own fresh craft beer in-house. You can also find loads of other craft beer there, Stone and Wood is my favourite, but you will find yours soon!

If you love beers, keep the following tour in mind!


3. Woody’s surf shack The Plaza, 9-10/90-96 Jonson


Woody’s surf shack The Plaza, 9-10/90-96 Jonson

Image thanks to: Woody's

For a rocking and vintage surf vibe, you should go to Woody's. You will find daily live music, a billiard table and happy hour drink specials every night until 10:30pm! If you’re planning on going during a weekday, you should go on Wednesdays. Every Wednesday they give away a free surfboard! Woody’s opens at 9pm and closes at 3am.

If you are in Byron Bay, the surf is inevitable:


Rails 86 Jonson Street


 Rails 86 Jonson Street

Image thanks to Simon Wright

The Rails is a perfect bar in Byron to spend a nice relaxed evening. They serve awesome food that you can eat outside while enjoying live music. Most of the time the band plays till 9pm, but sometimes longer!

Would you like to plan a new adventure?



The Northern 43 Jonson Street


The Northern 43 Jonson Street

Image thanks to AllEvents

I always thought that The Northern was nothing special. Just a small bar to watch a bit of rugby and drink a beer at. That was until I ended up there one night. I was surprised when someone told me there was a stage if I walked a bit further. I enjoyed the band and found out there was a balcony as well to chill out a bit! They have weekly bands playing in the back of the bar and have sports playing there all day. During the day you can chill at the open windows and just enjoy, no wonder it's always busy! I wouldn't be surprised if you could just spend your whole day here. This gem is definitely a club in Byron I can 100% recommend. 

I missed my bus and my tour because I had too great of a time here:


The Sticky Wicket 32 Jonson Street


The Sticky Wicket 32 Jonson Street

Image thanks to tripadvisor

If you like techno, I would recommend you to go to Sticky Wicket! Besides the best techno in town The Sticky Wicket is a fun sports style bar in the heart of Byron Bay. With plenty of screens in the bar you won’t miss a minute of your sport of choice! Once in a while you have to pay for entrance for the techno parties, but if you are just planning on having a beer while watching your favorite sport, you should just hop by!


The Beach Hotel 1 Bay Street


The Beach Hotel 1 Bay Street

Image thanks to The Beach Hotel

Last but not least, The Beach Hotel. After having a relaxed day at the beach, or an exhausting surf session, just set 2 steps towards land and end up at the beach hotel. Bands will sometimes play both day and night so you can have great live music paired with the best pizza from the pizza boy (that's how everyone calls him). The food and cocktails are great and they have an awesome happy hour as well. I would recommend the ginger beer, so so tasty!

By relaxing day, we actually mean another half-day surf activity. Check it out!


All together

Even if Byron Bay might look like a small town, it has so much to offer! When it comes to nightlife Byron Bay bars literally has something for everyone. I am telling you, everyone loves Byron!

About The Author:

Pleun van Kerkhoff is 22 years old and from the Netherlands. Since she was only four years old, she has been dreaming of Australia. Australia has heaps of adventures to offer, but she hasn't been able to discover them all yet. Adrenaline is the thing that keeps her running and therefore the major thing she is looking for.