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Everything You Need To Know When Travelling The East Coast By Campervan

Posted on 23 January 2019


Traveling the East Coast of Australia by campervan is an amazing experience. You will get to explore hidden beaches, national parks and villages you won’t be able to visit by bus. We made a list for you about (almost) everything you need to know before hitting the roads! Here are our insider tips and tricks for campervan hire Australia and how to make the most out of your East Coast road trip!


Download an app for the best camping spots


Traveling the East Coast of Australia by campervan

Image thanks to Campermate

Before traveling up the East Coast it is important to download an application which gives you all the locations you need about camping spots (free and paid), toilets, showers, washing machines and so on. Spaceships Campervan has an own application which they will advise you to download upon arrival but other applications like Wiki Camps and Campermate are also great. Reading comments from other travelers, finding hidden gems and sharing your experiences is what will help everyone have the best experience travelling by campervan.


BEWARE: Crocodiles


Outback, Croc Country starts

Image thanks to CrocBITE

Starting from Gladstone up to the Outback, Croc Country starts. You will see signs at campsites, national parks and beaches which will warn you for crocodiles. A lot of Australians will tell you horror stories about how travelers make mistakes like swimming in the dark and ending up in the wrong spot. Just make sure to be crocwise and take warnings seriously. Saltwater crocodiles live in both saltwater and freshwater areas. Make sure to camp at least 50m from the water’s edge if you are near water with crocodiles and avoid returning to the same spot at the waters. You can read more information here. Crocodiles prefer fish over human flesh though, so don’t worry.


Long Distances


Driving from Sydney to Cairns

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It is hard to guess distances in Australia if you are not used to traveling in such a big country. Driving from Sydney to Cairns would take you about 27 hours, and that’s without any traffic issues. Make sure to add on a few hours since Google Maps isn’t always accurate. You could do this in a week but we recommend to take at least two or three weeks to explore the East Coast. When traveling long distances it is advisable to take enough breaks and make sure not to drive after nightfall since kangaroo’s and other animals will cross the roads!


Stock up on Food and Water


Stock up on Food and Water

Image thanks to Nest Campers

Speaking of long distances, you can go for over half a day without finding a town to stop for food or water. The hotter it is, the more water you need. Especially in summer, because outback Australia can get incredibly hot. Reaching up to 50°c.

We recommend you carry anywhere between 4-5 litres of water per person per day, plus a few extra in case you break down and need to stay in the same place overnight. Most supermarkets sell 10 litre bottles of water so grab what you can and hit the road.

When it comes to food, buy non-perishable, non-salty food. This means the food doesn’t go off and doesn’t make you thirsty.


Save on Petrol


Save on Petrol

Image thanks to The Australian

This tip is really two-fold. Firstly, if you’re driving long distances, most of your budget will be eaten up by fuel costs. Secondly, if you do end up saving on fuel, try to stock up on a bit extra. The worst thing that can happen is being stuck in the middle of nowhere without any petrol to get you going.

To solve both of these problems we recommend downloading MotorMouth. MotorMouth is a great little app that finds the cheapest fuel in your area. This means you don’t need to worry about tracking down the best priced go-go juice while you’re on the road. It also means you’ve got the spare cash to stock up on extra fuel. It’s a win-win.


Traffic rules in Australia


Traffic rules in Australia

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In Australia, people drive on the left side of the road. At the start this might feel a little bit weird for people coming from right-side driving countries. Be alert and make sure to be fresh when driving since your old habits of driving on the right-side return when you get tired. Read more about traffic rules in Australia here.




Aussie outback Campfires

Image thanks to the ABC

Ah. The joys of a campfire in the Aussie outback at night. Nature, the open flame, swapping stories with your mates. It’s a big part of being Australian. But if you do end up taking part in this Australian past-time it’s important to take care. Unfortunately bushfires are a common occurrence in Australia and in the right circumstances they can be disastrous. Make sure you check the website of each state you’re in before lighting a fire to check the current fire safety levels. Lifehacker has a great list of resources for this.


You don’t want to leave your baby


campervan hire Australia


You will start to develop feelings for your campervan. Spaceships Campervan has a name for every campervan which will make it even harder to leave your baby. You don’t want to leave the campervan and you definitely don’t want to leave Australia.


The End of the Road


For many out there it’s a dream to jump in a campervan and just go on a road trip. No responsibilities, no set destination, nowhere you need to be at a certain time, it’s the ultimate freedom in travel. But it’s important to make sure that you’re prepared for anything that can come up. Especially in a place like Australia, which at times can be as harsh as it is beautiful. In the end being prepared for a trip will almost always make it more enjoyable. Knowing where you can stay, how to be safe, having enough food and where to get fuel saves you from the stress of any emergencies. So stock up, get ready and head down the road to nowhere.


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