Top Four Drinking Games To Play On The Road

Posted on 17 August 2018


Backpacking is all about the experiences you collect, the friends you make, and sometimes, it’s about letting loose and having a beer (or five). What better way to tick all these boxes than with a good old drinking game. 

Whether you're killing time on a boat, having a tactical pre-drink at your hostel or stuck inside on a rainy day, drinking games are a great way to get to know your fellow backpackers.


Things you will need:


  • Pick your poison, whether it’s beer, goon or cider, choose something easy to get down (note: Baileys is a bad choice, learn from our mistakes)

  • A deck of cards (always a very handy investment to make).

  • Yourself and some soon to be friends.


Now pick a game and play on!


Now pick a game and play on!

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1. Most Likely

Sit in a circle and one player asks a “who is most likely” question.  

E.g. who is most likely to rob a bank?

On the count of three, all players point at one person they believe to be the most likely.  Each player must take a drink for every finger pointing at him or her.

Best for: Casually insulting people you hardly know.

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2. Cheers Governor

All players sit in a circle and take turns counting up.

e.g. I start at 1 and the person beside me says “2” and the person beside them says “3” until we reach 21, then all players toast and yell “Cheers Governor” and drink.

Now the person who said 21 makes up a rule to do with a number, for example instead of saying the number six we have to say, “purple monkey dishwasher”.  

We start counting again and when someone breaks a rule or messes up he or she must drink and start again from 1.  

The aim is to have 21 rules and be able to count up without breaking them or messing up.

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Some ideas for rules include:

  • Swapping numbers (e.g. 7 is now 14 and vise versa)

  • We must start counting backwards now

  • Skip a number (e.g. we stay silent at the number 10)

Best for: Realising just how bad alcohol is for your memory

3. Topple

A simple to follow game requiring a deck of cards and some kind of bottle.

The cards are balanced on top of the bottle in a pile.  

Each player takes a turn trying to blow a few cards off the deck in a single breath.  

If the player topples all the cards over or does not blow off a single card they must drink.

If player topples all cards simply collect and balance them on top of the bottle again.  

Keep playing until a player finishes their drink.

Best for: Realising you’re not as good at blowing as you thought

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4. Snake Eyes

 Players all sit in a circle and have their heads down and at the count of three all players look directly into a player of their choices eyes.  If you are both looking into each other’s eyes both players must drink. You must look at someone’s eyes and cannot simply look into the distance or at nothing. The game continues and the first person to finish their drink loses.

Best for: Working out who fancies staring at you

There’s plenty of games out there that will get you absolutely legless, all while making new friends in the meantime. Why not give these a go, or head on over to our facebook and let us know your favourite game to get as cock-eyed as chicken with a drinking problem.

Last but not least. Do you want a real challenge? Check out the below tour:


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