Kayak and Canoe Tours

What better way to get outdoors and back in touch with nature than to canoe or kayak Australia. With nearly 26,000 kms of stunning coastline, and thousands more of untouched inlets and rivers, canoeing and kayaking Australia needs to be on your to-do list. With tours stretching all the way from rugged inland rivers to the laid-back beaches of Byron Bay, you're likely to encounter anything from curious Dolphins to sun baking kangaroos. So grab some mate and your tightest swimmers to explore parts of Australia's harder to reach coastal regions. 


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Just like you, we too are avid adventurers, always looking for the next best destination. In fact, our staff have done most of the tours and activities we sell, making them experts at what they do - finding you the best experiences in Australia, New Zealand and the Oceanic region. 

We’ve scoured the region to find the best of the best. So whether you’re looking to explore Australia’s outback, relax in the Whitsundays, take a leap of faith with a Bungy in Queenstown, or maybe a leap with no strings attached skydiving in Taupo, we’ve got you covered.

Looking to get from A to B on a budget? Or just need to find somewhere to relax after a long day of adventuring? We’ve got the inside info on how to get where you're going, and where to stay when you get there.

With more than 30 stores and decades of experience helping create amazing adventures, we’re the right team for planning your perfect trip, and we can’t wait to get started!


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