About Rainbow Beach 

Located in the heart of the Sunshine Coast resides this unassuming adventure playground.  Rainbow Beach is most broadly known as the gateway town to Australia’s largest sand island and World Heritage-listed Fraser Island. Small in stature yet massive in potential, Rainbow Beach delivers on all fronts as the token adventure destination.

Everyone who visits becomes immediately sucked into the vibrant atmosphere and all, most certainly, will leave pleasantly surprised and satisfied. People who live here take eco-tourism seriously, love to camp and fish before off-roading in their 4X4’s.

Let's face it, any coastal town with Fraser Island (K’gari) on your doorstep is going to put a spring in your step. With that in mind, Rainbow beach does shine independently of Fraser Island and demands just as much of your attention.

Best Tours In Rainbow Beach

Many in the adventure world will find it hard to argue against the 4x4 Fraser Island Tag-along tours, as being the ultimate outdoor camping experience one can have. Not only do you get to spend the night before and after at the newly erected boutique Freedom Hostel, but you will learn to self-drive a 4x4 along Australia’s largest beach highway. It would be rude not to. Thrown in this monster holiday package, is a camping or glamping site, exquisitely untouched natural wonders, a fantastically social group of travellers, knowledgeable guides and tales of wild dingo encounters.

Being surrounded by the Great Sandy National Park and perpetual beachline, you may feel out of place without a 4x4 in Rainbow Beach. Rest assured, there are more activities to keep you busy with kayaking with dolphins, cheap surfing lessons, kitesurfing, shark-diving and fishing just some of the highlights, for which Rainbow Beach is known for.

Travel Itinerary and things to do in Rainbow Beach 

Rainbow beach tours can be tailored according to your needs

Our Travel stylists know this area like the back of their hand and will be ready to get you fired up for Fraser Island Safari or any Rainbow Beach tour. If you cannot make it to Rainbow Beach and reside in Noosa, Gold Coast, Brisbane or Hervey Bay, we will be able to get on one of the exciting Fraser Island trips that depart from any of these locations. 

Our Holiday Packages include:

-Rainbow Beach to Fraser Island return
-Rainbow Beach to Noosa -Rainbow Beach to Hervey Bay
-Rainbow Beach to Gold Coast
-Rainbow Beach to Airlie Beach
-Rainbow Beach to Brisbane

Free things to do Rainbow Beach

  • Head to the Carlo Sandblow for a sunset you will never forget!
  • Enjoy the prime surf conditions
  • Visit the coloured sands and dunes on a Rainbow Beach walk
  • Spot the Rainbow stairs
  • Visit the family of wild dolphins that have called Rainbow home
  • Enjoy Nature on the Poona Lake Trail or the Cooloola Sands Walk
  • Take a group of friends on an overnight hike to Double Island point

FAQ’s about Rainbow Beach

Does Rainbow Beach have Rainbow Sand?

Yes, and in order to reach the rainbow-colored sands you will either need to drive along the shoreline to Inskip Point or head on a 2km walk from the Rainbow Beach Surf Lifesaving Club. The complex array of tones and hues for the sands make for 72 different colours.

Is Rainbow Beach worth visiting?

Absolutely! Rainbow beach is not only reputed for the best Fraser Island trips, but is a very popular tourist destination in and of itself. If you are a person of the outdoors, love nature trails and award-winning surf - Rainbow Beach is for you.

Can you get to Rainbow Beach without a 4WD?

Yes you can, the main roads to Rainbow Beach are all paved for all terrain vehicles. If you are on one of our epic east coast adventures, the Greyhound Bus stops a number of times a day at Rainbow Beach in time for your Fraser Island trips. However, the only way to get to Rainbow Beach should you choose to take the beach roads from Noosa, is with a 4x4.

What is the best Fraser Island Tour?

The best way to see all of Fraser Island is on the fun, self-driven, three-day 4x4 camping safari with Dingos Fraser Tours. Not only is it the most comprehensive, you are getting more than your fair share of the nature spots – Lake Wabby, Lake Mackenzie, Pile River, Indian Head, Kgari Rainforest and Champagne pools.

How long a drive from Fraser Island to Noosa?

Should you choose to take 4WD along the beach after boarding the ferry from Fraser Island to Rainbow Beach, it will take you around 2 hours (including stops at Red Canyon and Double Island Point). If you take the main highway via car you will get to Noosa in 1 hour & 40 mins.

Can you swim at Rainbow Beach?

When it comes to Rainbow Beach it is highly encouraged to swim between the flags as that shoreline is dominated by rips and swirls. There are strong tidal currents in the northern area of the beach, with the southern part generally considered the most safe.

Can you get around the rocks at Rainbow Beach?

The Mudlo rocks need to be navigated with caution, if you are looking to venture out that way on your 4WD. Stay up to date with tide and the beach report before heading out, the area has claimed many an over-enthusiastic 4WD vehicle over the years.

Do you need a permit for Rainbow Beach?

A permit is not required for visitors travelling from the Rainbow beach town to the Middle Rocks or Inskip point area. A permit is definitely required, if you are looking to go to Fraser Island or to the Great Sandy National Park in the Cooloola area. Always check the Cooloola recreation website for more info regarding permits.

Where is Rainbow Beach sunshine coast?

Rainbow Beach is in the Gympie region of the sunshine coast, situated between Noosa and Hervey Bay on your East Coast journey.

Aren’t convinced yet? See our Hervey Bay Tours!



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