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Australia V New Zealand - Which Working Holiday Visa Should You Do?

Posted on 7 September 2018

When it comes to working holiday visas Australia and New Zealand are the two biggest contenders for where to head. Thousands of travellers descend on both countries each month with the intention of travelling and working in these two amazing countries. But which one suits you best? Which one should you pick for your backpacking travels down this end of the world?

Well here is our take on Australia v New Zealand…




Australia is somewhere we’re slightly bias about, we’re an Aussie company after all and we love exploring our back yard!

For many, it’s the ultimate travelling destination - bustling, iconic cities like Sydney and Melbourne com alongside amazing adventures such as Fraser Island and the Whitsundays.

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The spectacular natures of the Great Barrier Reef and the Outback can be enjoyed with heaps of fellow travellers. Party all night along the East Coast, go on an epic road trip or simply explore the more chilled wilderness of the West Coast…there really is something for everyone and there’s variety all year round!

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Outback. Image thanks to Gq

And when it comes to working the Aussie dollar, pay rate and standard of living are all firm positives for anyone looking at working abroad.

Even basic work such as bartending and waitressing commands a solid, liveable wage in Australia and if you have some serious skills behind you like graphic design, building or electrical you’ll soon find yourself with a solid paycheque each week!

When it comes to living expenses once you’re on the payroll everything is pretty relatively and if you play your cards right saving shouldn’t be an issue!

With plenty of cities and towns as well as rural and farm work whatever your skills or location if you put your mind to it the jobs are there for the taking - and of course tourism is huge so you can get involved in some amazing new lines of work!


New Zealand


On the flip side, the land of the long white cloud is heaps smaller - which means the bulk of the work is condensed into pockets such as Auckland, Wellington and Queenstown. 

With a booming tourism industry spots like Queenstown are perfect for work year-round - including a popular snow season, so if you like your lifestyle with a good side of pow pow that should be on your hit list!

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Queenstown. Image thanks to News Hub

And of course, outside of work New Zealand is an epic place to travel around too!

Bungee jump and skydive in Queenstown, hike on a glacier in Franz Josef, swim with wild dolphins in Kaikoura or hike amongst middle earth on the Tongariro Crossing…you’ll never be short of things to keep you busy in New Zealand!

Franz Josef Glacier Tours

Franz Josef Glacier. Image thanks to Cvent.

The wages in New Zealand aren't as high as Australia but the work lifestyle balance is equally good!

For us, the kiwi hospitality is one of the biggest pros of living in New Zealand and the friendly local communities will welcome you in - it’s a magical place to spend a year bouncing around and working!


Why Not Both?


We’re going to throw a big curveball out there now though…why not do both? Why is your year out just a year? Why not do both working holiday visas back to back and extend your trip?

If you play your cards right it could spiral into 2 years in Australia (if you complete your rural work and qualify for the 2nd year visa) and then a year in New Zealand.

That way you have all the beach, sun and fun of Australia AND all the gorgeous landscapes, snow season and Kiwi living of New Zealand.

…to be honest that’s the option we’re going with.


Have you done both working holiday visas? Which country did you prefer living and working in?