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How To Spend A Day In Auckland

Posted on 25 March 2018


Welcome to Auckland, New Zealand's busiest city, and often the gateway to the rest of the country.

There’s always something happening in Auckland, from major sporting events, concerts and festivals to outdoor adventures, designer shopping and world-class food and wine. If you're only in town for a short while, it can be hard to figure out the perfect itinerary. That's why we've laid out some great ideas on how to spend a day in beautiful Auckland.


A Trip To Waiheke Island


A Trip To Waiheke Island

Image thanks to NewsHub

Waiheke Island is only a short ferry from Auckland mainland, and definitely a worth a visit. Waiheke has abundant natural wonders to explore. For the more adventurous, there are numerous activities to pursue including mountain biking, sea kayaking, fishing, surfing, sailing, archery and much more.

From beautiful wines to adrenaline activities such as forest zip lining, there's something for anyone on this incredible little island. Catch the ferry in the morning, and do a wine tasting at one of the numerous wineries on the island. A great way to spend a day in Auckland


Walk Down K-Road


Walk Down K-Road

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Every shop, café, and restaurant is different, but there’s a strong sense of community in K’ Road, a favourite gathering place for artists, students, musicians and writers.

Among all this are some of the most unique cafés, restaurants, bars and clubs in the city, a way to spend a day in Auckland for every type of personality. There are plenty of places to just sit back with a perfect coffee, and when it comes to dining, Auckland’s multicultural diversity is reflected in the cuisine on offer: Middle Eastern, Asian, European Fusion, Indian, Mexican and even Portuguese.

K’ Road’s nightlife is perhaps Auckland’s most colourful; the strip is home to cabaret-style restaurants, karaoke bars, gay clubs and local pubs offering live music.


Skytower Jump


Auckland SkyJump


Image thank to Klook

SkyJump is an incredible adrenaline rush in the heart of Auckland. It’s New Zealand’s highest jump and only Base Jump by wire. Plummet 192 metres off the Sky Tower at 85 km an hour! Completely safe and utterly unforgettable. If you’re looking for things to do in Auckland, don’t miss SkyJump. One of New Zealand’s best adventure activities and rated must do by visitors.

To find out how to have a go at this incredible activity, click here.


The Classic Comedy Club


The Classic Comedy Club

Image thanks to NZ

The Classic Comedy & Bar and The Classic Studio are located in the heart of Auckland`s entertainment precinct and feature local and international guest acts up to five nights a week.

The original design and layout of NZ's only full-time professional comedy club is based on some of the most successful clubs in the USA and the UK. Not surprisingly, many have had nothing but praise for the atmosphere and audiences.

Head through for what will undoubtedly be an evening of laughter, and do take a stroll down the aforementioned K Road after the show.


Maungawhau (Mount Eden)


Maungawhau (Mount Eden)

Image thanks to Te Ara

Maungawhau (known in english as Mount Eden) is both the visual center of Auckland and a place with an interesting history. At almost 198 meters high, this long dormant volcano is the highest natural point in Auckland (making it a popular viewing destination). The volcanoes last eruption is thought to be about 280,000 years ago, when it spewed up lava to form the land where Auckland now sits. So don't worry its a save place to spend the day.

In the late 19th century, much of one side of the mountain was dug out for resources to build some of Auckland’s earliest buildings, as well as the platform at the mountains peak. While the labourers were mostly Māori men and prisoners, one of the workers was Prince Alfred's royal elephant. The elephant (named Tom) was given to the prince in Nepal, which he then took with him to New Zealand. While they mostly kept the elephant in the royal barracks, they used Tom’s size and weight to assist with quarrying the mountain. Tom was always rewarded with plenty of lollies and beer.


Holy Moley


Holy Moley

Image thanks to The Denizen

If you’ve ever wanted to play miniature Happy Gilmore with friends while downing a beer, wine, or quality cocktail, then Holey Moley is for you. This mini golf/bar/place to beat your friends, features themed mini golf courses based on everything from The Simpsons to Jaws to Operation (the classic skill-tester game). Whoever thought that an alcohol induced lack of hand-eye coordination and mini golf was a good idea was right. You can even find Holey Moley across the Tasman in Australia.

Tip: Make sure you book your golf session ahead of time. It can get pretty busy!





Image thanks to TripAdvisor

There’s a reason this trendy Auckland Café is called Chuffed. The Chief Barista, Scott McLean has been bringing an honest brew. Slinging house roasted lattes, long blacks, flat whites and whatever the meets their customers coffee desires. Don’t go past their food as well, their breakfast menu will leave you spoiled for choice, and is an especially great way to fill up if you’ve just done a red-eye into Auckland.

Chuffed is located at 43 High St, Auckland. Near Queens Wharf.


At the End of the Day


There are so many ways to spend a great day in Auckland that we recommend staying a few days to do it all. But if you don’t have long, these places are a great way to fill the day and get your Auckland fix.

Have we missed something? Let us know! In the meantime, make your time even better with some killer tour deals in Auckland.



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