Internship Abroad: The Experience of a Lifetime

Posted on 21 June 2018

An internship abroad is something Peterpans Adventure Travel fully supports. Our interns leave with a lot of skills and a lot of professional experience they can use in their future careers. It gives students confidence and for non-native English speakers, it boosts their language. At Peterpans Adventure Travel we also give our interns the opportunity to travel and to explore Australia & New Zealand which makes their whole internship abroad an unforgettable journey.

Live and work abroad
Your internship abroad is not just a work experience, it is so much more. Travelling to a country you've never been to before and leaving your friends and family behind - it's a big step. It’s something not many people have done and it certainly takes courage to try. Finding your way in a big new city or town, making new friends - this all takes effort. You are stepping out of your comfort zone and challenging yourself. Your internship will be done before you know it, and you will know at the end of this journey that you can do so much more by yourself than you expected. It makes you stronger as an individual.


Travel, work and have fun!
An internship abroad allows you the opportunity to travel and work in a completely new environment. You will learn about the culture of the country, see beautiful places, and meet so many new people. Our interns at Peterpans Adventure travel get to see so many cool places, and we also organise amazing trips for our interns around the world to help them cross off their bucket list experiences.


Improve your language skills

For non-native English speakers, an internship abroad is the perfect way to improve your English verbal and writing skills. Being forced to talk another language improves more than any amount of studying. You can use this skill in the future, and will realise talking in a different language - and making mistakes - is something you shouldn't be afraid of.


Stand out
When looking for a job after your abroad internship, recruiters will immediately notice your working experience in a foreign country. It tells them you like a challenge, dare to step out of your comfort zone, are independent, and that you can communicate in an international. You will stand out from the rest and you will be more confident when searching for a job after your studies.


Network on a global scale
During your internship abroad you will meet a lot of new people, new colleagues, and other interns. You will build up a huge network of people from different countries and nationalities. Many new doors and opportunities will open for you and your future career. Since many jobs and businesses are only getting more international, you will have the benefit of already working internationally.


Are you looking for an amazing experience abroad, do you want to travel, grow international and gain new skills? Check our career and internship page to see if there are any opportunities available right now!

All photos are from one of our interns trip to Fraser Island! Find out how you can explore this incredible part of the Australian East Coast over here.

Written by Riwka Mevissen


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