Why You Need These 11 Travel Apps

Posted on 21 March 2017


Lets face it, with the absolute convenience of technology, we're constantly connected through our devices: phones, tablets, laptops, and now, even our watches.

Some people will be dismayed by that, but the fact is that technology has become an integral part of our lives, and especially our travel. Back in the days before smartphones and worldwide high-speed internet, just getting around another country required big awkwards maps, asking (annoying) locals, and a lot of guesswork. Nowadays, you never have to look up from your phone in order to plan and book an incredible trip. We've rounded up the most crucial apps that any traveller should have, to make their journey that much easier, and more enjoyable.




Image thanks to TripIt

TripIt is probably one of the best ways to plan your holiday. Be your own little travel agency and organize all of your travel plans in one place. Simply forward all your email confirmations of flights, accommodation, tours etc. to plans@tripit.com and the app will create your own personal master plan. Your flight is delayed or your Gate changed? - Tripit will inform you. If you’re the kind of person who’s itinerary is made up of months of separate email conformations, this is for you. You can even access it on almost every device you can think of. Even a smart watch, which is useful if you’re running to get to your flight.




Image thanks to Wikitude

Just in case you’re standing in front of the Sydney Opera House and you’ve got no idea what you’re seeing or why you’re seeing - Wikitude will help you. Aim the camera at the unknown subject, scan it and it will give you loads of information about what you’re looking at. It’ll tell you everything about the location, from special places, to related buildings, to great sights and much more. As an app from the Wikipedia-family it’s information is practically endless and there won’t be a question it can’t  answer.




Image thanks to Maps.Me

Imagine this, you’ve just landed at your destination with all your luggage. You’re standing out the front of the airport and you have no idea how to get where your staying. Don’t freak out, Maps.Me means you’ll be alright. When you are in a new city and got lost (again) this app gives can get you to where you’re going. Download offline maps and use the navigation tool without wasting precious internet data. This way you’ll always find your way back to your hostel. Or the club.




Image thanks to Charmin

No toilets in sight? Thanks to Charmin, there’s no more need to track down a dunny before disaster strikes. Sometimes as your need to use the thunderbox increases, your demand for what constitutes a toilet decreases - especially when you might have had a little too much of that delicious goon. In this situation the app shows you the nearest toilets which are also grouped in the categories “sit” and “squat”. I think that speaks for itself.


Open Table


Image thanks to OpenTable

OpenTable actually powers the online booking service for many restaurants. For you this means OpenTable has plenty of great deals floating around for whatever food you fancy. It doesn’t matter where in the world you are - OpenTable guides the way to an awesome restaurant with the best dishes. Though, the app isn’t just about restaurant reviews. They’ve got everything from in-app booking, information about payment options (cash or card), parking, dress code, and of course, amazing food snaps. The pictures posted on the app truly are pure food porn.




Image thanks to Save the Student

Picolo is a good way to make goon taste better. Grab some friends or even strangers and have a fun night with this drinking game. You can build teams and have an epic battle or you play everyone against everyone. No need for explaining of complicated rules, the app will tell you what you have to do. Be prepared!




Image thanks to WifiFinder

If you’re lost in the middle of a new city with no internet, you’re probably a bit stressed out - and you don’t want to feel like that. WifiFinder shows you every available and free Internet Hot Spot in your surroundings. Now you can work out how to get where you’re going, facetime your friends or just keep that Insta story rolling.




Image thanks to Amazon

Unless it’s going to literally rain cats and dogs, MyRadar gives you all the upcoming weather information you need to know. Temperature forecast, likelihood of rain, wind speed and more. It’s all mapped out so you can plan what to do and where - now you know you’re next tanning session won’t be ruined by a stray downpour.




Image thanks to Rome2Rio

Seriously the best travel planner that helps you get from A to B worldwide. Rome2Rio can work out how to take you from anywhere to anywhere, and even find tickets and accommodation to match. Argentina to Antarctica? Done. Japan to Jordan? Sorted. Myanmar to Mauritius? Easy Peasy. Rome2Rio works out all the different transportation and connections you need, then offers a list of bus, train, ferry, flight or self-drive options.


Trail Wallet


Image thanks to Never Ending Voyage

We know it’s hard to live on a budget, especially when you’re in holiday mode. But Trail Wallet makes managing your money a whole lot easier. Using your phone you can track your daily budget and expenses and have an overview of where your money goes. Trail Wallet supports over 218 local currencies, you can organize your spending by categories and much more. This way you won’t have as big of a shock when seeing your bank account at the end of your travels.




Image thanks to Travello

Possibly the most vital backpacker app of all! Travello is a travel social network, connect with like-minded travellers from over 180 countries on the app.

It’s perfect for anyone wanting to connect with other travellers in any destination or even just asking for advice and tips like what's on, what events everyone is going to or just to get recommendations from a real world travel guide community. Travello also tracks down some of the best deals from all around the world, so no matter where you go you can save some cash.


Wr(app)ing It Up


With the amazing convenience of technology it’s never been easier to travel to your favourite destination. There’s new travel focused apps coming out every day and so many of them are awesome. The list of helpful tools dedicated to making your trip better is so incredibly big we could never cover them all.

Here’s a bonus app though. If you’re travelling somewhere you don’t speak the language, pick up google translate. It has a conversation feature for when you're trying to talk to a local, and a photo translate feature that’ll turn a picture of text in one language, into text of your native language.

Happy Travels!

Did we miss any apps? We’d love to find out. Keep us up to date on the travel app scene by letting us know on our facebook.


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