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For avid Lord of the rings fans, winter truly turns New Zealand into the middle earth. You can even ride some of the horses from the movie beneath the real snow clad misty mountains. The Hobbiton movie set hides in the hills behind other amazing Rotorua attractions and you can explore it all with our Hobbiton tours. Book your Lord of the Rings tours in New Zealand with Peterpans today.


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Hobbiton Tour of the Movie Set - Rings Scenic Tours

Experience the real 'Shire' from J.R.R Tolkien's imagination on this essential tour for any avid Lord of the Rings fan to The Hobbiton Movie Set and watch the magic come to life. 


Half Day Lord of the Rings Tour - Wellington Movie Tours

Unleash your inner nerd in Middle-earth as you visit all the most important Lord of the Rings filming locations and studios. Prepare for some serious photo-ops and a low-key comic con fan fiesta. 


Half Day Wakatipu Basin Lord of the Rings Tours - Nomads Safaris

Travel into the heart of Middle-earth on this Safari of the Scenes and glimpse spectacular natural scenery while quenching your inner geek by visiting some of the key filming sites of the Lord of the Rings Trilogy. 


Half Day Glenorchy Lord of the Rings Tour - Nomads Safaris

Combine two of New Zealand's infamous calls to fame; adventure and Lord of the Rings by embarking on a 'Safari of the Scenes' through spectacular landscape to discover the real Middle-earth.  


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