5 Secrets Spots In The Northern Territory

Posted on 24 March 2018

Lytwelepenty/Davenport Ranges National Park


Witness the true form of outback Australia at Lytwelepenty, or Davenport Ranges National Park. This untouched beauty draws upon Aboriginal connections and artefacts to life the abundance of waterways, unique Australian flora and fauna, and natural formations that scatter the magnificent destination. Camp here and surround yourself with the serene sounds of the nearby waterholes and unique species of birds in the area. With a rich history of mining, pastoral life, and Aboriginal connections, it won’t be long before you lose yourself in the heart of the Australian Outback…


Kings Canyon Rim Walk


This challenging 4 to 5-hour expedition is one of hundreds of hidden-gem activities that will definitely satisfy your itch for a physically demanding, yet rewarding hike. Explore the red rocky paths and take a few moments to stop and absorb the spectacular views to really immerse yourself in the beauty of the Aussie Outback. The magnificent landscape will make you question how you left this out of your itinerary in the first place. Don’t forget the essentials of a hat, sunscreen, and enough water to stay hydrated on your sight-seeing mission around the Kings Canyon.

Mataranka Hot Springs or Bitter Springs



Mataranka Hot Springs or Bitter Springs


Unwind, loosen up, treat yourself, stimulate your senses at the Mataranka Hot Springs. After an exciting day of discovery, scorching views, and challenging treks, mother nature is there to make sure you are ready for your next adventure. The pristine, crystalline water naturally maintains a temperature of around 34 degrees Celsius so kick back and float your cares away. For an even more serene experience, the Bitter Springs nearby is a less crowded option, but is generally deeper than the main hot springs nearby. Nonetheless, these pools are guaranteed to take you to a place you wouldn’t want to EVER leave.

Florence Falls


Florence Falls


Tucked away in the top of Litchfield National Park, Florence Falls is another destination you may have missed in your NT itinerary. Walk down 160 steps to the swimming area and stand under the beautiful double waterfall to reinvigorate yourself and escape from the thick NT heat. Step into paradise for a second to appreciate the hidden greenery that surrounds the sanctuary that is Florence Falls. For those not keen on getting their tails wet, a viewing platform that overlooks the waterfalls is also provided to give you an unforgettable experience. 


Devils Marbles


Take a step back to appreciate the history behind these sacred lands by visiting Karlu Karlu, otherwise known as the Devils Marbles (If the name doesn’t ‘wow’ you already, I don’t know what will). Located smack bang in the middle of The Top End conveniently next to Davenport Ranges National Park, Karlu Karlu tells stories of various language groups of the Aboriginal people. Managed and maintained by locals and rangers, culture yourself by interacting with the local people and traditional owners of the land to experience the rich history and unwavering connection between the land and the Aboriginal people. The site of these magnificent natural rock formations is a good spot for wildlife-watching, camping, and taking sick photos!

 Uluru Tours

Image thanks to Uluru Tours

Mix up your itinerary by embarking on a dusty red adventure on the roads less travelled. Step out of the box, do something wicked, witness the untouched, explore these hidden gems scattered across different parts of the Northern Territory. You won’t regret it. Browse all of our incredible Top End and Northern Territory tours today that showcase all the highlights as well off the beaten track gems. 


By Collin Khin