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Skydive in tropical paradise with Skydive Cairns for an unforgettable experience of a lifetime. Warm tropical climate and spectacular views of the Great Barrier Reef and World Heritage Rainforests, what could be better?

AU$164 + AU$35 levy

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  • Skydive from 14,000 ft with up to 60 seconds freefall! 
  • Cairns' largest drop zone for smoother, safer landings
  • Latest modern parachutes equipped with backup automatic parachute deployment computer, jumpsuits and goggles
  • Skydive Certificate for proof
  • Amazing photo and video options available


  • Free air-conditioned bus transfer from your accommodation to our five star skydive training facility
  • Registration, and the option to purchase a DVD or photos of your skydive (handycam)
  • Introduction to your tandem master
  • All personalized training and instruction
  • Watching promo DVD
  • Air-conditioned bus transfer to airport
  • Flying up to 14,000 ft height
  • Jump out of the perfectly good aero plane
  • You have up to 60 seconds exhilarating free fall (your freefall speed is over 200km/h)
  • The parachute is deployed and you fly under the canopy for another 4-5 minutes with the opportunity to steer your own parachute with amazing views of the World Heritage Rainforest and the Great Barrier Reef
  • Landing at our exclusive Drop zone
  • After you land our bus will take you back to the training centre and here you will have time to take in the experience and watch your film being created.
  • You will get a skydive certificate

Drop zone address: Shop 5, 47 Shields St, Cairns City.

Daily from 7am to 4pm
(weather permitting- allow a HALF DAY)

Free bus pick up:  From accommodation (hotels, motels, caravan parks, hostels, resorts) in Cairns or meet at Shop 5, 47 Shields Street, Cainrs. Free pick up from Northern Beaches also available 6:30am only, extra charges applies to return transfers (operated by BTS) $20 per person.

Pick up for extra charge from Port Douglas to Cairns also available (operated by BTS Coaches):

                 Adult        Child        Family

One way     $30          $20           $90

Return        $50          $30           $150


!!!IMPORTANT Skydive Cairns PICK up times!!!

7:00am pick up

Zone 1 @ 6:45am Custom pick up available

Zone 2 @ 6:55am Custom pick up available

Zone 3 Cairns City

@ 7:00am Bunda Street (behind Cairns Central at train station drop off)

@ 7:10am 3-5 Star Hotel pick up available

@ 7:15am CNR of Esplanade and Shields Street (opposite McDonalds Restaurant)

Zone 4 @ 7:20am Custom pick up available

 @ 7:20am CNR of Grafton and Grove Street (out front of the Cock N Bull Restaurant)

Zone 5 @ 6:30am Northern Beaches (only available at 6:30am)

8:30am pick up

Zone 1 @ 8:15am Custom pick up available

Zone 2 @ 8:25am Custom pick up available

Zone 3 CITY

?@ 8:30am Bunda st

@ 8:35am Gilligans

@ 8:40am all Hotels

@ 8:45am Cnr of Esplanate and Shields St

Zone 4 @ 8:50am Custom pick up and @ 8:50am cnr of Grafton and Grove st

10:00am pick up

Zone 1 @ 9:45am Custom pick up available

Zone 2 @ 9:55am Custom pick up available

Zone 3 CITY

@ 10:00am Bunda st

@ 10:10am all Hotels

@ 10:15am Cnr of Esplanate and Shields St

Zone 4 @ 10:20am Custom pick up and @ 10:20am cnr of Grafton and Grove st

12:30pm pick up

Zone 1 @ 12:15pm Custom pick up available

Zone 2 @ 12:25pm Custom pick up available

Zone 3 CITY

@ 12:30pm Bunda st

@ 12:40pm all Hotels

@ 12:45pm Cnr of Esplanate and Shields St

Zone 4 @ 12:50pm Custom pick up and @ 12:50pm cnr of Grafton and Grove st

2:30pm pick up

Zone 1 @ 2:15pm Custom pick up available

Zone 2 @ 2:25pm Custom pick up available

Zone 3 CITY

@ 2:30pm Bunda st

@ 2:40pm all Hotels

@ 10:15pm Cnr of Esplanate and Shields St

Zone 4 @ 2:50pm Custom pick up and @ 2:50pm cnr of Grafton and Grove st

Optional Extras: Photos or DVD, available for purchase for extra charge

Extras: AU$35 Parachute levy and admin fee

Weight Restrictions and Charges apply, payable on arrival: as of 1st May we will be able to jump customers up to 125kgs in Cairns only. Subject to Safety Officer approval if over 95kgs.
95kg - 104,9kg = $50
105kg - 114,9kg = $75
115kg and above = $100


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