5 Best Trips Out of Adelaide

Posted on 11 August 2017


Often referred to as the wine and festival capital of Australia, the city of Adelaide boasts a very rich cultural vibe. In Adelaide, you will not be short of world-class food and wine, stunning coastlines, and history. If you are lucky enough to make it to Adelaide and actually have time to spare for a few awesome trips out of the city, make sure you stop by some of our top picks. 


For the “Wino” or “Foodie”: Barossa


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Where do I start with Barossa, imagine the picturesque villages lined with vineyards and rolling hills? The Barossa Valley, known as one of the worlds greatest and most underrated wine regions, sits in the North Eastern part of Adelaide only about an hour drive away.

The valley is lined with cycling and walking trails so if you are looking for a more active option, opt for renting a bike and seeing the sights. Barossa has a very rich historical past that the town loves to share with its visitors, check out the Barossa Regional Gallery for art exhibits and workshops from both local and professional artists.

As for wine and food tasting the options are endless. Barossa Valley is famous for its fine wines, cheeses, and food. A good winery to visit is Rockford Wines, with stunning stone buildings and rolling vineyards, you will feel as if you’ve travelled back in time while tasting some of the greatest wines Barossa has to offer. Don't forget to finish off the evening at Vinters Bar and Grill Restaurant, named one of the best in Barossa be sure to ask your server which wine pairs well with your meal you will not be disappointed! There are many ways to get to The Barossa Valley, you can drive your self, take the public bus, or hop on a tour. I would recommend taking a bus or tour so you can sample all the wines you’ll encounter throughout your day.


For the outdoorsy type: Flinders Ranges


For the outdoorsy type: Flinders Ranges

Image thanks to the ABC

Flinders Ranges is one that demands a good amount of time so you can explore and revel in the largest mountain range in Southern Australia. Be sure not to let this rugged and untouched terrain intimidate you because there are options for everyone.

For the outdoorsy, this is your playground, countless hikes and walks await you in Flinders. You can explore, camp, ride a camel, whatever your heart desires, this is the place to immerse yourself in unique nature and experience some of the most unique things Australia has to offer. Make sure you take some time to visit Wilpena Pound, the natural amphitheatre of mountains located right in the heart of the range.

For someone looking to experience the range in a more comfortable way, you should opt for a tour. There are trips offered from Adelaide where you can explore the Red Gum forest, check out the oldest village in Flinders, Melrose, and revel in all these once in a lifetime views. Making a road trip out of it is a great way to explore as it is about a 5-6 hour drive. If this large area seems like too much to take in at once, hop on a tour so you are sure to cover all the best stops during your trip.


For the adventurous: Port Lincoln


For the adventurous: Port Lincoln

Image thanks to the City of Port Lincoln

Known as the “seafood capital of Australia” Port Lincoln is the place to go if you are looking for a nautical experience. Port Lincoln is a township located on the Eyre Peninsula, about an hour flight from Adelaide.

The one thing you cannot miss is cage diving with sharks tour, yes you heard that right, sharks. This is the only place in Australia (and one of the only in the world) where you can swim with the great white shark. If the sharks are too much for you but you still want an underwater adventure, try snorkelling with sea lions!

If you want a more relaxing experience head on over to the sandy beaches and turquoise waters of Coffin Bay and maybe even spot an emu. Take a hike up Stamford Hills for some unreal coastal views, camp for a night in Memory Cove, or just explore the city and treat yourself to probably one of the best seafood dinners you will ever have.


For the animal lover: Kangaroo Island


For the animal lover: Kangaroo Island

Image thanks to Tourism Australia

There’s no way you can’t associate Australia with Kangaroos, they are the national animal and it would be a shame not to see one while you are travelling Australia.

Only a few hours south of Adelaide you will find the quaint little island that is Kangaroo Island. Almost half of it is protected by nature reserves and home to vast quantities of native wildlife. Here you can find sea lions, koalas, emus, penguins, the list goes on. This place is truly for the animal lover, known as one of the best places in Australia to see and interact with wildlife, you will not be short of photos and memories after visiting here.

The climate is fairly mild so whatever time of year you are visiting you will probably have good weather. You could easily spend a day or even two weeks here if you are out to photograph wildlife and scenery, as you will not get bored with the views. Best way to get there? A 20 minute flight from Adelaide will bring you right to the island so this is the best option if you are tight on time. Another option is also to take the ferry from Cape Jervis after a short drive.


For a more relaxing time: Murray River


For a more relaxing time: Murray River

Image thanks to South Australia Traveller

For the history buff, a cruise down Australia's longest river is the thing to do. The Murray River starts in the Australian Alps and runs along about 2500 km. The river is rich in history, so make sure to hear stories about the paddle steamers that were used to transfer goods in the 1800’s and how the water flow is still managed by locks made back in 1918.  

There are many ways to approach the Murray River, if you don't have a lot of time I would highly recommend taking a tour from Adelaide. You can do a day tour which includes a guided coach ride, a cruise complete with a buffet lunch and drinks, picturesque views of the orange cliffs and red river gums, and one unforgettable experience. Also offered are multi-day tours, some of which take you through the big river gorges and cliffs and even the zoo.


The End of the Journey


Adelaide and its surroundings surely do have something for everyone. From world-class wines to outdoor adventures to natural wonderlands. Make sure you give these trips a try and experience all of what southern Australia has to offer.


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